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Damaging your school device is frustrating. We make the repair process easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that parents have a lot on their mind, and repairing their student’s damaged device is the last thing they planned for. And we understand that school districts manage thousands of devices, and already have a lot on their hands. School districts have large budgets to manage, and unpredictability of repair costs can add a strain to that.

Q. Is the premium a monthly or annual fee? A. The price for our coverage is a single, annual fee.

Q. What is covered when I protect my device through StudyFirst™ Protection Services?A. The vast majority of our programs are going to protect you from any accidental damage, loss, or theft that may occur during the coverage term.

Q. How long am I protected for when I insure my student’s device with StudyFirst™ Protection Services?A. Most plans will protect the device during the school term, but some plans will cover the device for an entire year if the district chooses not to collect devices at the end of the school term.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of claims I can file during a policy term?A. No claim limits! StudyFirst™ provides true peace of mind to parents by not placing limits on the number of claims, or the total amount of payouts throughout the coverage term. One payment provides complete protection!

Q. Does StudyFirst™ Protection Services require a police report in the case that a device is lost or stolen?A. The simple answer is Yes. Filing a police report will mean that your device is in a database where, if recovered, it can be returned to the district. This is one of many ways that StudyFirst™ is able to provide some of the lowest premiums in the industry!

Q. What do I do if my device is damaged after I have purchased coverage through StudyFirst™? A. If your device is damaged during the coverage term, we’ve got you covered! Login to your account where you will find custom step-by-step instructions on how to get your device repaired. Many times this process is customized for your district such as whether the device will be repaired at a local facility, or if it will be mailed off. This information is all provided to you through your account page or on the informational flyer provided by your district.