One Low Annual Fee

Simple Sign-up Process, Simple Claims Process and No Deductible or Claims Limits.

Why StudyFirst™

We understand that parents have a lot on their mind, and repairing their student’s damaged device is the last thing they planned for. And we understand that school districts manage thousands of devices, and already have a lot on their hands. School districts have large budgets to manage, and unpredictability of repair costs can add a strain to that.

StudyFirst™ offer a unique model that makes all this easier for everyone:


One fixed cost covering repairs of accidental damage on your tech devices. Peace of mind knowing that you are covered and your device is protected from surprise costs.


Simple claims process convenient for parents, students and school districts. Our proprietary robust website manages the process. In the event your device is damaged, our claim process is streamlined, fast, and easy through our website.


Fast & quality repair Our carefully selected repair facilities offer fast turn-around time on repairs. Additionally, we focus on high quality parts and workmanship, minimizing re-repairs.


Optimized prices We don’t use a one-size-fits-all model. StudyFirst™ works with your school district, evaluates the specific device needs, and provides customized pricing to best suit the district’s needs.


No matter how responsible your student may be, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! Whether they are caught up in celebrating their schools’ baseball team winning against a cross-town rival (and subsequently forgetting the device in the bleachers) or a backpack clumsily falling off a countertop with the device inside, we are here to with peace of mind and protection from these unforeseen events.

With some of the lowest premiums in the industry, we aim to make sure that your student can get the most out of their device, while allowing you the satisfaction that you are protected from whatever comes your way.


The implementation of a 1:1 device program may be one of the largest investments that a school can make in its students. It is imperative for a district to have a plan in place to mitigate the financial risks involved in such a program. While you may aim to hold a student’s parents responsible for anything that may happen to the device, many families do not have the financial resources to take on this burden. Insurance is an affordable alternative that has been proven to result in a fleet of devices in an overall better condition than programs without insurance! Our protection also provides a predictable, plannable, budgetable line item that many districts have money to love and appreciate!

Our robust system will allow districts visibility into our system for coverage, claims and repairs. Our goal is to reduce admin overhead on district staff in managing device repairs.